The Grenfell Foundation South Chapter Auction is Now Live

Join the Facebook Group Grenfell Foundation – South Auction. The Auction begins this morning Sept. 9 and will run until Tues. Sept. 14 at 11:59 am. Last bid will be 11:59am.

Items must be paid for before hand, or at time of pickup. If items are not picked up by Friday Sept. 17 they will go to the next highest bidder.

All items located at the Grenfell Foundation Office – basement of the Mission Store

Thank you for supporting the Grenfell Foundation.

Donation of two cystoscopes

From left are Karen Dunphy, OR RN first asst, Claudine Rose OR/ICU CCMH clinical nurse manager, Elsie Slade, Grenfell Foundation President, Kerry Decker, surgical services clinical care facilitator, Ed Bromley, CSR technician, and Joanne Strangemore, perioperative RN

Labrador Grenfell Health extends a big thank you to the Grenfell Foundation for the donation of two cystoscopes to the surgical services department at Charles S Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony.  These cystoscopes will enable timely diagnosis and treatment of patients in the region with urological issues. 

Casual Day Donation

Staff at Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, John M Grey Centre, Mission Store and health centres in Roddickton and Flower’s Cove contributed to the casual day fundraising promotion to aid the Grenfell Foundation through automatic payroll deductions of $2 per pay day, $7,972 was donated to the Foundation in 2019.  The Grenfell Foundation uses these funds to purchase priority medical equipment for the region.  Pictured from left Beverly Pittman, Regional Director, Patient Safety and Quality and Senior Director Operations in St. Anthony, Angel Hedderson, Nape LX President, Rhonda Roberts, Nape HS President, Marina Davidson, RNUL Branch President, and Elsie Slade, Grenfell Foundation President.